January 2, 2024

Volatile Weekly – Interview

What got you into music, and if you had not gotten into music what would you be doing today?

I can’t imagine a life without music, but in an alternate universe, I might find myself in Africa, dedicating my time to conserving and studying wildlife.

I remember a neighbor of mine who played an instrument – at that time, owning one was a luxury I couldn’t afford. However, my intense desire to play drove me to approach our neighbor. Recognizing my eagerness, he took me under his wing and taught me a simple three-chord progression. I spent the entire day practicing until my fingertips went numb. That day marked the birth of my first melody, igniting an enduring passion for music within me. Since then, the seed of creation has only grown stronger.

What do you like to do when you are not playing music and how does that influence your creativity?

Outside of playing music, my main focus revolves around my family, as they are my top priority. Concurrently, I am deeply engaged in continuous learning through my studies. I have an inherent drive to remain active and engaged; I find it challenging to stand still without pursuing something meaningful.

My creativity in both music and songwriting is profoundly influenced by my surroundings and experiences. Whether it’s drawing from personal encounters, a captivating book, or the emotions evoked by a movie, everything I’m exposed to leaves an imprint on my creative process. Translating these influences into a concise 3 to 4-minute song remains a rewarding yet demanding process.

How long have you been making music?

I’ve been deeply involved in making music since my teenage years, primarily as part of my band ‘Bilocate,’ where I’ve dedicated over 20 years to playing bass. Recently, I’ve embarked on a new journey with my solo career, aiming to expand my artistic horizons. In this venture, I’m exploring diverse themes, moods, and genres without limiting myself, believing that as musicians, pushing beyond our comfort zones is essential for musical growth.

Where are you based out of and how did that influence your music?

I moved to the Bay Area of California a couple of years ago, and the proximity to the ocean has already started to influence the themes in my songwriting. However, my musical roots stretch back thousands of years to the Middle East and Balkans, and these rich cultural characteristics will always remain integral to my music, regardless of my location. The new environment may add new dimensions, but the essence of my music will continue to carry these deep-rooted influences.

Tell me about your most memorable shows, if you haven’t played live what is your vision for a live show?

One of the most memorable moments in my musical journey was performing at the DevilStone Festival in Lithuania. The connection and response from the audience to our music epitomized the very reason we create music—to foster a bond that transcends borders, ethnicity, and backgrounds. The interaction with the crowd showcased the profound power of music as a universal language. I was fortunate to meet incredible people during that show, and to this day, I cherish those connections. It’s a testament to how music serves as a bridge, uniting people from diverse backgrounds in a shared experience.

What is your favorite venue to play at, and do you have any places you want to play that you have not already?

Among the places I aspire to perform at, European festivals like Wacken and Hellfest stand out due to their significance in the metal scene. As for a single favorite venue, I’m hard-pressed to choose just one at the moment.

If you could play any show with any lineup, who would be on the ticket?

Choosing a dream lineup for a show is a tough call. It must include legends like Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Pearl Jam. Honestly, I might be more inclined to watch than perform, feeling awestruck by the presence of these iconic bands. Creating a lineup with such legends would be an unforgettable experience, even if I’m not on stage.

What is some advice that you would give to someone who is just getting into making music and some advice that you would give to your younger self?

Believe in yourself, practice relentlessly, and never let others define your worth. You’re good enough; with time, you’ll only get better. Trust your instincts and continuously pursue music for the love and passion it brings

Of your songs which one means the most to you and why?

If I had to pick one, it would be ‘Eulogy.’ This song immortalizes the memory of my late grandmother, whom I lost to cancer. During a lockdown, I was unable to attend her funeral in person, so I had to participate at 3 AM via phone. The song holds a special place in my heart as a tribute to her.

Which songs are your favorite to play and which get requested the most?

If referring to my solo career amidst family commitments and studies, I haven’t taken my project on the road. Therefore, that material has yet to be tested with a live audience. It’s a chapter I’m eagerly looking forward to exploring.

What is your creative process, and what inspires you to write your music?

My creative process revolves around drawing inspiration from various sources—be it a phrase, an idea, or even a simple melody. I liken it to building a castle, step by step, piece by piece.

Do you have messages that you like to get across in your music, if so please tell me about them?

I believe in the transformative power of shared experiences. Music has always been my salvation, and I aspire for my music and lyrics to resonate with someone like my idols’ music spoke to me. I want to create that unique, deeply personal experience that profoundly touches individuals.

What are your plans for the future, and do you have anything that you want to spotlight that is coming up?

I’m currently immersed in creating my next release, with around 13 to 14 pipeline tracks requiring further development. I aim to release some singles next summer, followed by an EP or an album. The direction will depend on how these songs evolve as I explore various ideas and themes for this upcoming project.

How can your fans best keep up to date with you, any socials you want people to check out?

Please connect with me, don’t be a stranger.

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source: Interview with Hani Abadi – by Jarod Smith (volatileweekly.com)