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Every river has a point of origin, and mine was the Middle East—a rich culture I brought to the Bay Area of California, which I now call home. I was born in a country that no longer exists on the world map, “Yugoslavia,” adding another layer to my heritage.

“Hani Abadi,” as a solo project, encapsulated music and a lineage traced back thousands of years, growing up with Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.” as a soundtrack of my youth. Rebellious in a region of strict societies, manifested in the creation of “Bilocate,” a dark oriental metal whose seed has grown to tour and appear in major European festivals and rave reviews from respected publications while forbidden in the hometown.

I desire to create art not restricted by genres but driven by raw emotions to connect with you, ‘Dear reader.’ Yet, I can’t deny the influence of those who came before me and still surround me today in shaping my musical palette. Whether it’s Wagner’s Riders of the Valkyries carrying me deep into the black metal abyss of Limbonic Art just to be lifted by the progressive world of Opeth & Porcupine Tree and how I can forget the thunderous 90s grunge movements, there is still much more gratitude for musicians and artform than this bio can encompass.

Endorsed by Radial Engineering as a bassist, sharing a spot alongside legends Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, and Billy Sheehan is humbling.

A new chapter began; decades had passed from my humble beginnings in a small town called “Fuhies” to the vibrant Bay area in 2019. A few months away from when the whole world came to a halt, the seed of my debut album, “Tiamat,” began by releasing the first single, “Distance.” in 2021, a soundtrack to our new dystopian world. “Falling Leaf” is a tribute to losing a loved one to COVID-19, and yet within a short span, I lost my grandmother to cancer while being thousands of miles away and had no chance to fly and say goodbye. “Eulogy.” and “Dementia,” addresses my experience with my grandfather, a great man rendered down hopelessly by the disease. The only way I can immortalize their memory is through music.

My passion for creating music will never fade, and the flame shall always remain. The bricks of the next release are laid. I welcome you to my world.