December 15, 2023

Hani Abadi: Tiamat (2023) – mini-review

US based artist Hani Abadi is out with the album “Tiamat”, and this is an album I suspect many will file somewhere in the folk music department on initial inspection. If it fits perfectly in that category is a bit of an open question, as this is a boundary crossing excursion, but with clear singer/songwriter sentiments and a constant undercurrent of Americana being a part of the experience here it won’t be all that wrong either. This is very much a calm and collected affair, with the deep and calm lead vocals and a vital acoustic guitar presence being cornerstones of the songs. The rhythm department chimes in nicely, with the drummer in particular serving some charmingly subdued but expressive and creative patterns, and keyboards and piano are tastefully expanding the landscapes explored. The mood and atmosphere is of the darker kind, with borderline haunting qualities, and a defining trait of the album as a whole is the subtle and nuanced inclusion of world music elements that adds a very careful and borderline ethereal exotic quality to many of the songs. A production to seek out if you enjoy folk, world music and acoustic rock with a calm, dark and subtly haunting mood and atmosphere.

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