December 15, 2023

Hani Abadi’s album “Tiamat” is a musical journey that takes the listener on a voyage through intensity and twilight.

The artist’s ability to evoke nostalgic emotions through his music is truly remarkable, particularly through the resonant low frequencies of his voice.
It’s clear that Hani Abadi is an artist with a mature musical vision, drawing from a wealth of knowledge about music.
His compositional style pays homage to the legendary rock of the past while incorporating ethereal nuances that reflect his unique background and life experiences.
In Hani Abadi’s sound, there are subtle hints of Balkan and Middle Eastern influences, blended seamlessly with the echoes of prog and alternative rock from the United States and the United Kingdom.
“Tiamat” serves as a testament to the universality of music, showcasing how it can bridge cultural divides and bring together diverse musical traditions.
Each track on “Tiamat” contributes to painting an introspective and evocative picture. The album as a whole is a cohesive work of art, with all songs exhibiting a level of solidity and emotional depth that has the power to resonate with the listener’s soul.
Hani Abadi emerges as an artist with a distinctive voice and a profound message to convey through his music. “Tiamat” is not just an album; it’s a heartfelt and soulful narrative that transcends boundaries.
Hani Abadi proves himself as an artist with a story to tell and a unique musical language with which to tell it.
Tiamat is Hani Abadi’s Album Out Now!

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