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December 29, 2023

Hani Abadi „Tiamat“ – Album Review:

Kreativität bedeutet Freiheit, dementsprechend legt sich HANI ABADI auf „Tiamat“ auch kaum auf ein bestimmtes Genre fest.
Zwar ist ein orientalisch angehauchtes Grundgerüst in allen Songs dieses Albums zu erkennen, aber die weiteren Verzweigungen der Musik reichen von Singer/Songwriter-Einflüssen über Indie-Pop-Tendenzen bis hin zu melancholischem Folk(-Rock).

Und doch klingt dieses Album weniger zerstückelt, als es vielleicht im ersten Moment erscheint. Das liegt u.a. an der warmen Stimme von HANI ABADI, die ein entspanntes bzw. bedachtes Gefühl in die Musik einbringt.
Zudem finden sich mit dem heroisch angehauchten „Kiss of Steel“ oder auch „Trapped“ einige Stücke, die vielfältige Qualitäten in sich bergen. Erstere Nummer gefällt mit einem heroischem Anstrich, der beinahe martialische Züge annimmt und das Thema von Stolz und Kampfgeist passend einfängt. Bilder von berittenen Kämpfern und dergleichen ziehen vor dem inneren Auge auf, was auch an der klassischen Marschrhythmik des Songs liegt.

Das folgende „The Wanderer“ verdeutlicht die feinen Kontraste des Albums, wenngleich sich die Stimmung des vorherigen Songs fortsetzt. Der Song klingt nachdenklicher, aber kaum weniger fesselnd, was vor allem an Hanis Gesang liegt.
Im Grunde lässt sich diese Formel aus akustischer Instrumentierung mit reichlich Hang zu klanglicher Tradition plus einer dichterischen Erzählweise in puncto Gesang auf jeden Song dieses Albums übertragen. Dadurch wirkt „Tiamat“ unterm Strich sehr homogen erlaubt dem Hörer sehr tief in die Musik einzutauchen.

Auf jeden Fall lohnt sich diese Entdeckungsreise, denn hier werden klangliche Tradition, Liebe zur Kunst und ein erzählerischer Ansatz zwischen Märchen und Selbstreflektion zu einem interessanten Ganzen vermischt. Einziger Knackpunkt an der Geschichte ist, dass HANI ABADIs Musik ausschließlich digital erhältlich ist, was ein dezidiertes Textstudium und damit einhergehend auch den verträumten Charakter der Musik auf Dauer zunichtemacht.

FAZIT: Der malerisch-mystische Charakter von „Tiamat“ birgt eine ganze Menge Potenzial, um sich in der Musik von HANI ABADI zu verlieren. Die vielen kleinen Etappen des Albums werden von einem nachdenklichen Grundton zusammengehalten, der immer auch einen Raum für die schönen Seiten des Lebens lässt und so am Ende den Blick hin in eine positive Zukunft richtet.

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December 29, 2023

Hani Abadi „Dementia“ – Single Review: clickrollboom

‘Dementia’ is a contemplative track that delves into the heart-wrenching concept of dementia, where a once-proud man regresses to the mind of a child as the disease tightens its grip. It’s a narrative of forgetting the past, grappling with confusion about the present, and subconsciously acknowledging the limitations of the future. This poignant song resonates with the cries for people long gone, radiating profound anger and frustration.

‘Dementia’ is akin to a man being ensnared within a mind that no longer adheres to rationality, a parallel universe filled with a sense of limbo, isolation, and bewilderment, where existence takes precedence over living. Hani delivers this tragic narrative with captivating integrity and profound empathy, weaving the story with an exquisite tapestry of raspiness and compelling emotion while infusing it with a comforting warmth. His voice is remarkably versatile, and his sincerity is unquestionable.

The music carries a majestic quality, a subtle grandeur that envelops the listener. Saturated, rich guitars intertwine with soft, steady drums, crafting an immersive, darkened ambiance that embodies a classic rock sound.

‘Dementia’ is a wonderful soundscape of apathy that not only touches the soul but also leaves a lasting imprint on the heart and mind, living in your thoughts long after the track has ended.

‘Dementia’ is taken from the album “Tiamat

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December 15, 2023

Hani Abadi: Tiamat (2023) – mini-review

US based artist Hani Abadi is out with the album “Tiamat”, and this is an album I suspect many will file somewhere in the folk music department on initial inspection. If it fits perfectly in that category is a bit of an open question, as this is a boundary crossing excursion, but with clear singer/songwriter sentiments and a constant undercurrent of Americana being a part of the experience here it won’t be all that wrong either. This is very much a calm and collected affair, with the deep and calm lead vocals and a vital acoustic guitar presence being cornerstones of the songs. The rhythm department chimes in nicely, with the drummer in particular serving some charmingly subdued but expressive and creative patterns, and keyboards and piano are tastefully expanding the landscapes explored. The mood and atmosphere is of the darker kind, with borderline haunting qualities, and a defining trait of the album as a whole is the subtle and nuanced inclusion of world music elements that adds a very careful and borderline ethereal exotic quality to many of the songs. A production to seek out if you enjoy folk, world music and acoustic rock with a calm, dark and subtly haunting mood and atmosphere.

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December 15, 2023

Hani Abadi’s album “Tiamat” is a musical journey that takes the listener on a voyage through intensity and twilight.

The artist’s ability to evoke nostalgic emotions through his music is truly remarkable, particularly through the resonant low frequencies of his voice.
It’s clear that Hani Abadi is an artist with a mature musical vision, drawing from a wealth of knowledge about music.
His compositional style pays homage to the legendary rock of the past while incorporating ethereal nuances that reflect his unique background and life experiences.
In Hani Abadi’s sound, there are subtle hints of Balkan and Middle Eastern influences, blended seamlessly with the echoes of prog and alternative rock from the United States and the United Kingdom.
“Tiamat” serves as a testament to the universality of music, showcasing how it can bridge cultural divides and bring together diverse musical traditions.
Each track on “Tiamat” contributes to painting an introspective and evocative picture. The album as a whole is a cohesive work of art, with all songs exhibiting a level of solidity and emotional depth that has the power to resonate with the listener’s soul.
Hani Abadi emerges as an artist with a distinctive voice and a profound message to convey through his music. “Tiamat” is not just an album; it’s a heartfelt and soulful narrative that transcends boundaries.
Hani Abadi proves himself as an artist with a story to tell and a unique musical language with which to tell it.
Tiamat is Hani Abadi’s Album Out Now!

Original page: Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Tiamat is Hani Abadi’s Album Out Now

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December 15, 2023

Hani Abadi „Dementia“ – Single Review:

The grunge bands from Seattle only enjoyed success for a relatively small stretch of time, yet few musical movements had a more profound impact on mainstream music. This style, and all of the other alt-rock styles closely associated with it, had as many fans as it had detractors. The critics who complained about it, more often than not, focused on the music’s inherent tendency to focus on the more depressing facts related to the human experience. 

But who else in pop music dared speak about it? Sure, you get brief glimpses of humanity in songs like “Another Day in Paradise.” But, for the most part, commercial entertainment strives to make the audience forget about hardships. This is because you can only ask for money once you get someone comfortable enough and beaming with a smile to give it to you. 

Thankfully, there are those who have other ideas. Hani Abadi’s “Dementia” is a confrontational piece of alt-rock. It puts the listener in close vicinity of a topic of mental illness. It’s not an easy conversation to have, not even when it comes in the guise of a three-minute song. Musically, Abadi’s guttural vocals and the grunge-rock arrangement dominate the track. It’s a musical journey, even if the destination eventually reached will not involve happy endings. 

Original page: Hani Abadi and The Grass Harp Reviewed – Alt77

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